Welcome to Lee Research Group

Our group focuses on developing functional polymers for applications in electronic devices such as solar cells, LEDs, Li-ion batteries, sensors and etc. We are mainly interested in the synthesis of conjugated polymers and solid electrolytes, and connecting their chemical structure and electrical (or morphological) properties. 

Contact: 1holee@kumoh.ac.kr


Research Interest

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Recent News 

May 2021: Jeonga & Dong Min attended IUPAC Macro 2020+  held in Jeju. They gave a short talk presentation regarding organic photovoltaics.

Mar 2021: Sun Woo Kim & Yejin Kim join the group. Sun Woo and Yejin are interested in the synthesis of solid electrolytes for Li metal batteries and colloidal quantum dots for applications in QLEDs, respectively. I really hope they enjoy their researches. 

Mar 2020: Jeonga Kim & Dong Min Lee join the group. They will be working on the synthesis of semiconducting polymers for applications in photovoltaic cells. Welcome, Jeonga & Dong Min!

Nov 2019: Junmo's paper on low-temperature processed thin film barriers for organic electronics has been accepted for publication in Journal of Sensor Science and Technology. Congrats!

Sept 2019: Junmo Kim join the group. He will be working on LEDs. Welcome Junmo!